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A some-what relevant livestreamer on Twitch.TV, who was well known for playing Runescape before branching out into other games which are equally boring to watch. He is also well known for having strange tourrette's syndrome-like tics which he denies the existence of when asked.
We all watch Ice Poseidon to see him play games, but really were just waiting for someone to say "Nigger" and watch him get banned.
by FartFucker69 February 20, 2017

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A slang term for porn, sex, and masturbation.

Often used by people who want to describe one of the above three while not being too descriptive to avoid disgusting people near them.
Bob: Brah, Jenny and Brad are doing the nasties in their bedroom!

Gabe: I caught my brother doing the nasties alone in his room yesterday.

Gabe: Holy shit! My brothers looking at the nasties again!
by FartFucker69 August 21, 2014

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The act of a white man having sex with someone who isn't Caucasian, purely to risk the woman becoming pregnant to "taint" the white Gene Pool with african american DNA.
If JonTron wants me to keep the gene pool clean, then I'll start doing the JonTron Hootenannie just to piss him off!
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by FartFucker69 April 12, 2017

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An activity performed during sex, where either partner immediately mimics the other’s sounds of pleasure, be moaning, groaning, or any other sound produced by the Human vocal range.

Subjects are often prone to annoyance immediately or shortly following the act of a Mississippi Mockingbird, which then leads to their annoyed outcries being repeated as well.
Collected Collin: Ughhh!
Mischief Mary: Ughhh!
Collected Collin: You’re so tight!
Mischief Mary: You’re so tight!

Collected Collin was the victim of a Mississippi Mockingbird, where every sound he made during sex was mimicked by his partner.
by FartFucker69 March 06, 2019

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A difficult and hard to maneuver sex move a man performs during doggystyle sex by thrusting balls-deep into the female and then punching her asscheeks until they're either red or she falls to the floor in pain, which is followed by the man cupping her breasts in both his hands and punching upwards towards her chin at the same time. The result is a woman who no longer wants to have sex and might be unconscious.
Dirty Dick: Yo my man! I gave the girlfriend the ALASKAN PUMMELKNUCKLE last night!

Agreeable Andy: Niiiiice duuude! What'd she do?
Dirty Dick: She fuckin' DIED bro!!!
Agreeable Andy: YEAAH!
Dirty Dick: I ain't jokin! Haha!
by FartFucker69 June 21, 2017

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Sex engaged on a counter top or similar structure.
I bet you would take an Alabama blacksnake in an alleyway while doing the horizontal mumbo!
by FartFucker69 March 25, 2015

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A sex act where a male human puts his throbbing erectile unit into a cow and then produces an orgasm. The cow then loses control of it's bowels, pooping on the man and giving him the appearance of a hairy Minotaur.
Bestiality Bob: Hey dude, want to go to Old Man Smith's farm and do a double Minotaur Mingle?

Unwilling Friend: no
by FartFucker69 August 12, 2014

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