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A secret all-male organization that is a hypocrite to their chapter and Greek ideology and principles. They are made up of people who follow the crowd to fit in, athletes, outgoing socialites, drunks, and wealthy brats. While some treat outsiders with respect, some want nothing to do with them. Their dues are high and many get in trouble. Many chapters are hazing initiates although some do not. Their public events are made to make outsiders and the school seem they are all good people but most of them are either misguided and follow the crowd or are arrogant pricks who want to feel strong or take out anger. Real fraternity events are secret and dangerous. Please avoid them completely including parties where they charge a fortune and kick you out even though they rent off-campus houses or live in designated residential housing.
Person A: Did you talk to the fraternities today?

Person B: Those fraternity brothers are hypocrites to values and do what they want and keep it a secret.
by FamilyGuyfan889 July 20, 2019
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Acronym for “God Damn Independent” meaning somebody who was smart to not follow the crowd and join a Greek Life organization. They are saved from hazing and spending hundreds of dollars but could be viewed as outsiders by some fraternities and sororities. This person played it safe and more people should be like this. This can also be used instead of saying you are not in an organization.
Person A: I decided to not go Greek and be a GDI
Person B: You are smart
by FamilyGuyfan889 July 05, 2019
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A fraternity or sorority member of lower status who is paired with a big, a member of higher status in which they do things together to strengthen their brother/sister relationship.
Little: My big is picking me up to go to the movies.
by FamilyGuyfan889 July 05, 2019
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