4 definitions by Faizan

from the game GTA San Andreas it means your better then an OG really high ranked in crime, in real life same thing but it also means your a G or your cool
Yo CJ is a Hoo Ryder
by Faizan September 15, 2007
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means to scare some one or fill with fear.
Uh you don't intimidate me sir
by Faizan August 02, 2007
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Detective James Carter, from the LAPD, aka Chris Tucker who was in the Rush Hour series, from Rush Hour 1-3. He has a catchy word Mushu which he uses to describe women. Him and Jackie Chan worked great together.
Dis is Detective James Carter! Aite? Please, girls, take off all thee cloths.
by Faizan August 11, 2007
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Born in 1970, Brad Jordan aka Scarface is best known for his work with Tupac Shakur for the song Smile from the album The Untouchable, which peaked number one album in 1997 and also went Platinum. It's Scarface featuring Tupac. The Video for the song is one of the proofs that Tupac is still alive. Scarface is also known to have worked with the Geto Boys.
Scarface, Smile on me, just smile on.
by Faizan August 06, 2007
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