4 definitions by FUPAJACK

when you just say "fuck it" and send it like no one else has ever sent it before
Girl: I have 3 papers due tomorrow but I wanna get fucked up
Pierce: Just pyarce it!! #blacked
by FUPAJACK June 2, 2017
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a mysterious object in 303 that Jack wants to find but will never know what it is
Jasmin: Jack, stop trying to find my black thing!!
by FUPAJACK June 1, 2017
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A male who is 6'4'' who still needs to try taking a bubble bath with jasmin and caitlin; the daddy of all daddies; goes too hard but it always so much fun to be around; lowkey stoner...actually highkey stoner; BEST KISSER out of the boys in the group; takes a lot of Ls but always bounces back
If you are looking for a daddy, hit up dank daddy k and you are guaranteed a night full of laughter and tears.
by FUPAJACK June 2, 2017
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when Jasmin and Caitlin have fun in private and do things that no one should know about
Jasmin: Wanna go to pleasure point tonight? ;)
Caitlin: Always! Don't forget to bring your black thing!
by FUPAJACK June 1, 2017