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1.People who don't have a life; Like to be home ALL day, EVERYDAY usually in front of the computer with a sprite and a bag of cheetos. Theymake themselves appear arrogant and anti-social when they are in groups because they dont know how to make small talk.

2. When you ask them a question, by the end of their LONG ASS answer, your regretting having asked. BTW- do NOT, what ever you do, bring up religion, politics, gaming, economics or history!!! If you ask them their opinion on something as minut as "Are you for or against the mosque they are wanting to build in NYC?" They wont just GIVE you their opinion. They will make you sit through this LONG story about how other people feel about it, and why so they can make sure you (who are sooo less intelligent) are well informed and so that they can justify their opinion before giving it.

3. A person who has no fashion sense because he/she doesnt get out of the house long enough to see what is in style.

4. People that dont clean, because just being alone at home is good enough for them.

5. Owner of many CATS!

6. Dont get laid..... ever.

I think that about sums up the definition for Introvert... ps. To my introvert boyfriend - I love you honey!!!!
(Extrovert) Honey, lets go outside and turn up our radios and clean our cars out together on Saturday, it will be fun!!

(Introvert) Seriously?? Do we have too? Here is a better idea that will be even MORE Fun- Why dont you do that, and I will stay inside and do house stuff (aka on the comp) for ya??

(Extrovert) NO.

(Introvert) Can I at least get some gaming time in that morning?
by Extrovert October 08, 2010
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