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Brooklyn is one of NYC's 5 boroughs. Being gentrified like crazy, but also home to some of the shittiest, most ghetto, black neighborhoods in the whole country Brownsville, Flatbush, East New York, Bed Stuy. The other neighborhoods are mostly Russian or Hasidic Jewish ghettos. Theres also Coney Island, the shittiest amusement park ever concieved.
Wanna move to Brooklyn?

I rather plant my face in a pigs ass.
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
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Easily the most overpriced, and overpopulated place on the planet. Wanna see what its like to squeeze 1.6 million people into a 22 square mile radius? Then come to Manhattan, only $794612374510451230 to rent a small studio a month.

Most of Central and lower Manhattan consist of expensive, bland, soulless yuppie infested hellholes like the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Yorkville, Batterty Park City, Chelsea, Alphabet City, and more.

Upper Manhattan consist of ghetto hellholes like Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. You would think considering how expensive it is to live here that the place wouldn't be filled with criminals, but unfortunately NYC has the most ghetto trash out of any city in America.
I just won the lottery, now I just need to win 87 more times to have enough to pay the rent for my closet sized studio in Manhattan.
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
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With the exceptions of a few neighborhoods like Riverdale, The Bronx is basically a giant, shitty, crime ridden ghetto. Almost all the neighborhoods in the Bronx are also like 99% Black or Puerto Rican. The Bronx is easily one of the worst places in the country to live in if you're white.
Average Bronx Resident-Yo I'm from The Bronx nigga blat blat kill whitey
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
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