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An imaginary tool used to haze beginning apprentices on construction sites, by telling them to retrieve this tool from some other part of the site. Each time the apprentice arrives at a new location, the workers, who know there is no such thing as a pipe stretcher, play along with the joke by saying something like "oh, you just missed it--they're using it up on the third floor, so you'll have to ask them." The apprentice is sent all around the job site for the entire work day, or until the apprentice figures out it is a joke.
I need you to go down to the south end and get that pipe stretcher back from the iron workers.
by Ewizobeth May 16, 2014
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This is the word Minnesota Scandinavians use instead of "ish."
Oh ishta! This dress looks frumpy!
by Ewizobeth November 14, 2013
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A fire event created by the intense heat combines with turbulent wind conditions, causing the flames to be drawn up into a spiraling, funnel-shaped wind current that sucks in burning debris and takes on the visible appearance of a tornado, and in which the internal temperature can exceed 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,000 degrees Celsius.
The combination of the 105 degree heat and fierce Santa Ana winds caused roaring firenadoes, which were captured on videotape taken by residents, as they fled for their lives.
by Ewizobeth May 16, 2014
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A snirt storm is a blizzard on the Great Plains of North America. The snow is actually made up a of combination of snowflakes and dirt particles. Because the wind is so strong in flat areas like plains, it pulls topsoil right up into the air. If you walked outdoors during a snirt storm you would feel constant stings of sand-sized particles sandblasting your face. When people get back indoors, they have a very distinctive appearance, because the dirt accumulates around their eyes, making them look like raccoons.
Everyone scurried indoors to escape the snirt storm, but not before their eyes had become encrusted in black dirt, making them look like raccoons.
by Ewizobeth December 18, 2013
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In Northern America construction workers call the first snowfall "drag-up" dust meaning it's time to quit their jobs and return to the south for the winter.
When the first snowfall came, the apprentice from Louisiana went back home citing the drag-up dust policy.
by Ewizobeth November 30, 2013
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