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1. A slang term for masturbation that originated in Britain.
2. A word that describes something that is very poor/terrible.

A: "I heard Jake broke up with Charlotte"
B: "Yeah, he's probably at home, wanking"


A: "Did you see that film?"
B: "Yeah, it sucked. Utter wank."
by EvilFruitPie April 25, 2011

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A type of trouser made from chino cloth. Although they are very comfortable and soft, they come in the most grotesque colours possible which really makes them stand out. The fact that they are sold in excess in stores such as Abercrombie and Jack Wills doesn't help their reputation much either.
Chinos, the everyday hipster's choice of trouserwear.
by EvilFruitPie February 23, 2012

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