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Not to be confused with geekdom, or nerdocracy.

Dorkdom comes from achieving a mere fraction of the coolness that one believes they are emmulating.
"Someone should really tell Erin that the Bob Dylan fro doesn't look good on ANYONE. She's now reached a whole new level of dorkdom."
by Erin B October 27, 2007
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1. A tall, German man with a mustache. Friendly in disposition, he will use bizarre words such as "ooshkamooshka" and "turtlewax". Despite the fact that he refers to you by embarassing (and often random) nicknames like "Swoosh", "Golden Feet", and "Beaker", and basically tricked you into learning about science and/or life, you'll end up loving him anyway.
"Hey, remember Struger?"

"Mr.Glen is an okay teacher, but he's no Struger."
by Erin B October 27, 2007
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1. A man, usually clad in flannel and/or lumberjackesque attire, that posesses the ability to grow a bushy, not quite groomed enough to be handlebar mustache.

2. In reference to said mustache.
"Our construction teacher is a total hepburn."

"My dad is starting to grow a hepburn"
by Erin B October 27, 2007
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