3 definitions by Eridaniii

1. short for "sort of", a classification of a particular thing
2. a euphemism for "yes"

synonyms include "kind of" and "kinda"
1. "What sorta games do you like?"
2. Girl 1: Do you like him more than a friend?
Girl 2: Sorta.
by Eridaniii August 10, 2008
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Any person (usually a stranger) with whom there was a mutual eye fuck, but you're still single.
Bob: Yo, did you see that hot girl just now? She was totally eye fucking me!
John: Yessir. You two are now officially eye exes.
by Eridaniii July 4, 2023
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A possibly existent cake that one receives on his/her birthday.
Kid: Ooh are we having cake later for my birthday?
Mom: Maybe, dear. We may be having a maybe cake later.
by Eridaniii April 9, 2008
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