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Tupac Amaru was a great Incan Cheif. It means in Arabic "Shining Serpeant."
Tupac Amaru Shakur means in Arabic "Shining Serpeant Thankful to God."
by Eric "Escalade" May 02, 2006
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Someone who pwns (owns) at least 5 times a day and always pwns (owns) in a game format, even if they never played the game.
I kicked them newbs asses five times today. Im a pwntagonist son.

Do u know why you lost man? Hes a pwntagonist, he cant be beaten.
by Eric "Escalade" July 10, 2005
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The condition where your eyes are very watery and are blinded. This is the state you get in when you smoke a lot of weed or weed of high quality.
We gonna' smoke 'till ya eyes get cataract.

Oh snap son, you have an interview for your college and your eyes are cataract. I told you, you should have not smoked some kriptonite an hour ago.
by Eric "Escalade" February 16, 2006
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