4 definitions by Eqvxi

The king of rap

A god of All things godly

The son of all sons

The realest mf in the industry

One of his biggest hits was bang bang preformed on his great mother Onika Tanya Lives
“Damn papa is a real g
Papa bear outsold
“Papa bear>> life”
by Eqvxi September 10, 2021
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hinataxxcult Is a international icon who makes amazing edits and deserves to win at life and will outsell all your favs by looking at you because hinataxxcult Is a icon legend queen|king
Musty smelly bitch: “ hinataxxcult is trash and I hope they dies”

Hot people: “I have a father figure
by Eqvxi September 12, 2021
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A bad bitch from tiktok who’s pronouns are she/they the smartest bitch out there they most big brained bitch out there the realest mf you’ll ever meet
“Wow I followed Ioutsoldallyourfavs

Your crush: “wow your automatically hot and date me now”
by Eqvxi September 12, 2021
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Something that wet creamy and gushy

Used to describe a butthole dick and Pussy
Damn John Lisa sure had a creamy wet badussy
“Sure did Larry”
by Eqvxi September 10, 2021
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