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An Uncommonly known used anagram in the scientific industry for:

This specific anagram was created to aid with the studies of the disease Lamanoscopie caused by hay infected with a condition known as maibai which causes red inflammation in the nasal region in the leg regions of a Llama due to lack or excess of mitosis.
DId you see those recent studies on MILLAN
by Epic dabber 34 October 29, 2017
Superna is probably the best compliment that you can give a woman. You are such a “Superna” - meaning kind, beautiful, righteous, almost angelic . It derives from the Sanskrit language, and has also been linked to the goddess Parvati! A true compliment indeed
You are such an amazing Superna! I wish I was a Superna
by Epic dabber 34 October 29, 2017
One whom is seen as greater than gods by one's peers. The word Jaiman comes from the Ancient Greek word Jazabian meaning "One beyond Zeus".

It is said by some to have been incorrectly translated, in reality, meaning for one's self to be Generous and Kind
Zeus Shreiked in comparison to the might of the Jaiman god.
by Epic dabber 34 October 29, 2017
worse than your mom gay, your granny tranny, your grand pap a trap, your sister a mister and your family tree LGBT combines...
Jaiman: Your mom gay
Kris: Your sister a mister
Jaiman: Don't make m...
Kris: Your granny tranny
Jaiman: Your significant other your mother

All stars launch into the sun causing it to expand by 3 times, engulfing all neighbouring solar systems and planets leaving only the sun and earth. The sun then says yeeticus Maximus and proceeds to collide into Kris making him explode into 1723548 pieces. Thus leaving Jaiman king of the cosmos
by Epic dabber 34 March 22, 2018