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A Sexual Activity Invoving A Female And A Male. The Male Sticks His Finger Up The Females Vagina While The Female Gives The Male A Handjob.
. . . That's Just Gross. I'm NOT Giving An Example, As I Would Have To TYPE That :S. Shake And Poke
by EmoFairy665 December 23, 2009
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Prince Of Cock, Gayest Of Gay, Ultimate Twat. Freya's Older 'Brother'. (We Beg To Differ From The Official Statement Of This Beasts Sex. We Believe That It Is Infact A Female, Though He Reamins To Be GAY)
Freya: God, P.O.C's Gay.

Hayley: IK,R.
by EmoFairy665 July 12, 2010
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