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Pretty much self-explanatory. Say it out loud
Guy: Maidixienormous
Scene chick: uhhh... nigg what?
Guy: *chuckles*
by Emmurity June 22, 2009
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To dissolve into pixels.
Dude, that antivirus 2008 junk just de-rezzed my registry
by Emmurity June 21, 2009
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When you take a number one in the urinal, some guy comes up to the one right NEXT to you causing you to glance over awkwardly. This creates a build-up of pressure on your urethra and you just freeze until the guy finishes and flushes. (at this point you should flush 4 seconds afterwards to avoid further awkwardness)
Dude: Hey man, I had a still-piss when that fat janitor took a number 2 in the urinal right next to me, i was dying of laughter on the inside.

Cashier: That's great...? sounds rather inconvienient...

Dude: just give me my receipt and stop going off in a tantrum about your urinal issues

Cashier: alright, alright... hey wait just a second...
by Emmurity June 22, 2009
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