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A designated area(doesn't necessarily have to be a hill)where the neighborhood teens sneak out in the middle of the night on the weekends to touch each other. It sucks for you if one of these is near your house .
Meet me at make out hill tonight at 11 o'clock!
by Emma Tom April 23, 2007
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A message sent on myspace, an email, text message, aim, ect. that has sexual content. Usually sent from a male who has sexual feelings for a female.
ryan12: Hey wats up?
ryan12: nmj jacking off to you myspace picture.
clair85: wtf CREEP!!!
ryan12: I lov the one where your in a bathing suit and you can kinda see your nipple. DAMNNN!!!
( clair12 has blocked you from her buddy list.)

later that day...
Clair: OMG Ryan sent me the grosest sex message today!!
Julie: OMG! what a perv!
by Emma Tom April 19, 2007
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Addicted to Myspace in such a way, you friends and parents think you are sexually attracted to it.
Jamie You've been on my space checking your homepage for picture comments for five hours! I think you might be Myspexual.
by Emma Tom April 23, 2007
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an excessively over used phrase brought on by lazy teens who don't feel like typing oh my god.
OMG! i broke a nail.
by Emma Tom May 05, 2007
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