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eat-able? yes. respectable? definitly. rape-able? mmmm NO!you know why??? because Johnny Depp is FAR too good for all these kids running around screaming his orgasmic name. He is a PROfessional actor and GAWD no doubt about that...but sometimes....these little 15 year old girls get carried away with their Depptastic fantasies. Johnny Depp is more than a nice body (which is what they all care about). He is a cup of tea with jack white. He is a hot bath on a rainy day. He is....
the most AMAZING man you would be LUCKY to even dream about.
by Elisha January 3, 2004
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1.when a joke has been played on a person
2.when a person isnt right but thinks they are
3.when a person is in a wack situation
1.Lataquanesha got her crunch when her baby daddy showed up to her house with his new boyfriend.
by Elisha December 19, 2003
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