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The act of slowly killing a customer through mental anguish by preempting programming with worthless low-quality local programming under the guise of "community service", missed service appointments, blaming the customer's wiring or gear, and horrible HD lineups and picture quality.
1. This f-ing jacked up picture on my $10,000 TV is totally comcastic.
2. I feel I'm being comcastic'd up my backside by that freaking cable company.
by El Defino November 11, 2006

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A phrase used soley by the Fox News organization in an attempt at making themselves sound completely retarded. The phrase was conjured up in their Dept. of Redundancy Department, used to convey the fact that bombs kill, to an in-bred white trash television audience with A.D.D. with their thumbs up their asses. Their refusal to use the word suicide stems from their love for the word "Homicide" because it contains the string "homi" which sounds a lot like "homo" which makes the workers in the control room giggle every time it is mentioned on the air.
Bill O'Luffa: The homicide bomber killed 33 people by killing them in a homocidal manner. We're not going to actually let you know HOW he did it, but trust us. He killded them dead. He go bang, they go die-die. We smart. We news peoples. We fare and balunced.

<hee hee hee... Bill said Homo! Did you hear him? He said it right on the air!>
by El Defino November 12, 2006

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Hopelessly jacked; horked. Not working; broken.
My server is totally horked. No one can log in.
by El Defino December 08, 2004

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Working all of Christmas day to fix a service that has failed, and not being invited to the group's Christmas party
After being one of the only groups to not be invited to the Christmas party, the Sys-Admins had to work all of Christmas day to fix the failed product.
by El Defino January 03, 2005

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