4 definitions by Ehsan Khajeh

Toronto Rapper who relies on autotune like Nav

But got clout stolen from Lil tecca
Yo you heard that song called Calling from tecca

Yo are you dumb mandem sk dk fandem wasteman ting he stole mandem flow from Lb Spiffy

My guy tecca stole the flow and made the song better

"they should change the Canadas flag to the autotune symbol" - Lil tecca
by Ehsan Khajeh February 11, 2021
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Some kids dad who became a famous meme
Yo you listened to Bhaskar's new album
by Ehsan Khajeh February 11, 2021
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usually a last name followed by the Popular first name Ehsan. Khajeh's are most likely to work in call centers (Scamming people) A popular example would be Mr. Ehsan Khajeh, Mr. Ehsan khajeh works in kingston university. He started gaining traction and views after blowing up on instagram and reddit. khajeh rose to fame after releasing a selfie of himself onto Kingston University.com From there his photo went viral and people started to upload pictures to instagram and reddit with captions mocking his looks.
The word khajeh is usually used as another way to greet your friends.


"AYY yo what up Khajeh"

The word is also used as a way to say goodbye to your friends

"Aight see ya"

by Ehsan Khajeh October 15, 2020
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Yo you know who fredo bang is?

I heard that one tiktok song from him but not really, aint he yb's son?
by Ehsan Khajeh July 20, 2021
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