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People on public transport who are sleepy or lazy often rest their heads against the window, "head smear" is the blurry vaseline like substance left on the glass that comes from the oil and grease in their hair.
"Would ya look at that view! It's beautiful!"

"Guh, makes me wanna vom. Some dirty chump has left head smear all over this side, and I'm not wiping it down."

*phone rings*
"Heya honey, what? ... I'm not sure what station I'm at because there's head smear everywhere and I can't see the platform."
by Effsix February 03, 2010

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The act of passing poopies in a flushable toilet; flushing the babies away.

The paranoid King Herod was quite famous for his controversial flushing away of the babies.
Man my arse is bustin'! I'm gonna go do a King Herod.

Until I can see the king this house is going to be haunted by brown ghosts!
by Effsix October 21, 2008

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Noun: A collector of spent Nerf Gun ammunition.

The identity of a foam dart collector is revealed as soon as a few shots have been fired, they scrabble around on the floor and grab them like addicts. Refilling clips and chambers bring them a great deal of comfort.
My cat is a nerf herder. Like Hannibal Lecter, he doesn't keep trophies. He eats them.
by Effsix April 22, 2011

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Noun; puke used as a ballistic weapon.

The tomahawk once used by native Americans as a charming throwing axe and scalping tool, lost popularity over the years since fire-arms became cheap and accessible. They have recently made a comeback due to their presence in "Call of Duty" where fanatics delight in making unlikely kills by tossing them huge distances, but only in the virtual world. Actual tomahawks carry hefty punishments if used to attack someone. The Vomahawk is the modern and much less lethal equivalent projectile, composed of regurgitated matter rather than wood and flint.
You come near my house and I'm gonna wet your neck with a vomahawk.
by Effsix July 22, 2011

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noun: A feigned injury. (Also the name of a drink the ambulance chasers toast on)
Guy 1: Woah! Did you see that footballer dive seconds after contact then roll around like he's been shot?!

Guy 2: Yeah, man! He's well exhibiting Champagne! I hope he gets a red card, then actually shot!
by Effsix July 11, 2010

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