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er bai wu, pronounced AR-BUY-OO in Mandarin Chinese, is translated literally as the number 250 and is a slang term for a very, VERY stupid person. This is widely used in the Northeastern region of China and treated as a taboo with a great deal of superstition. The number is avoided whenever possible, if a buyer in a market is bargaining, he would offer 249 or 251 yuan for an item, but never 250 for risk of appearing foolish.
Every student in that friggin class is er bai wu.
by Edward Rice May 02, 2008

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Derived from studio gangster, this is an individual who engages in illegal and/or illegitimate activity purely for the perceived "street cred" to be garnered therein rather than financial gain, in contrast to a true hustler who circumvents the established system only discreetly, only when necessary, and only with the the intent of attaining an otherwise unattainable large financial windfall. Often encompassing small-time drug dealers who work the corner all day earning less than they would at a minimum-wage job, most studio hustlers often run their mouths in direct inverse proportion to their income. Also poignant as many studio hustlers reside in studio apartments.
"How long has Joey been slinging dimebags now from that shitty crib outside the airport?"

"Studio hustler!"
by Edward Rice June 13, 2008

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Slang term for West Allis, Wisconsin, a "suburb" (in the sense that it lies outside of the city limits) of Milwaukee. Low-income and notoriously white-trash, 'stallis is the favored term among the city's NASCAR loving, Miller-pounding denizens.
I'd rather have my toenails melted off with a soldering iron than live in 'stallis.
by Edward Rice May 09, 2008

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