3 definitions by EddyB

1. A feathered, winged creature that is often found at ponds or lakes
2. A member of the opposite sex (usually female) who is obsessed with a member of their opposite sex, but with little chance of ever having a relationship with them
3. A member of a relationship who is overly clingy to their other half, to the point of becoming frustrating for the object of their devotion
1. "Watch out for the goose in the road!"
2. "That girl is a total goose"
3. My girlfriend can be such a goose!
by EddyB February 07, 2005
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A person who convieniently and purposely leaves out letters in words so as so save time and/or space in their medium of contact (generally in text/SMS or instant messaging)
"Man, I really wish you wouldn't type like a nettie"
"im nt typn lyk a netty m8"
by EddyB February 02, 2005
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