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Where you do a standard Upper Decker (take a dump into the Upper toilet tank), BUT you have disconnected the chain beforehand so that some poor sap has to reach into your poop soup to even flush it.
That bitch pissed me off so bad, I got her back with a full upper decker deluxe so she'd have full shit hands after fixing it.
by Ed Bodine August 25, 2005

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This is a violent and sudden shit evacuation caused by the overeating of a food drenched in curry and heavy spices from India. A person is usually very lucky if they've made it to the shitter in time.
That poor cab driver is going to have to burn that cab after the curry fury I left in the back seat!
by Ed Bodine March 10, 2006

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When someone takes a particularly stinky dump in an upstairs bathroom, so bad that the stench fills the upstairs & then comes rolling down the stairs, the slow-moving flow of stench downhill is called a "shit glacier".
The worst of which sometimes makes it all the way to the foot of the stairs.
"Man, I had to climb through a shit glacier to get to the upstairs restroom!"
by Ed Bodine February 20, 2006

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This is the shit that is caked onto different areas of the toilet and won't wash away after some lard ass releases a gas packed diarrhea load!
Every time that fatass uses our restroom, there's shit spackle in there for days
by Ed Bodine March 22, 2004

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This is the liquid sludge that resides in the upper tank of the toilet after somebody pulls an Upper Decker. A healthy mix of shit and tank water!
I found a bunch of Poop Soup in my Tank after Jeff's friends left the party yesterday.
by Ed Bodine August 25, 2005

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When someone starts arguing about something that everyone else knows was clearly meant as a joke and not serious OR a troll (disguised as serious to incite a reaction), effectively trolling themselves by being stupid and overly literal.
Frick: Sarah Palin? Wasn't she one of the Monty Python cast? (heh heh)
Frack: No, you idiot! She used to be governor of Alaska. You're thinking of Michael Palin. Wow, you're dumb.
Frick: Yeah thanks, I was joking, you dipshit. Nice autotroll.
by Ed Bodine September 12, 2011

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A healty mix of 3 crucial ingredients (Shit, Piss and Puke) in the upper tank after you've removed the chain.
Sometimes, the puke won't come until later when the first person discovers the piss & shit.
Just shitting wasn't enough for that fucker's upper deck. I had enough of everything for a poop soup deluxe.
by Ed Bodine September 23, 2005

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