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a clan that plays Tac Ops. A clan that is run by a "balls floppin on table natiz admin" (Spook) that likes to bad mouth/kick/ban any player that is better than him (which in his mind is hacking ) in order to prove to every one else that the only thing he can control is a server that he can't even pay for him self and has his kool aid drinking lackeys pay for after threatening them with pictures of him screwing his cat/girlfriend/lover. He is also a self proclaimed master of many fighting styles and has black belts in "so many that he lost count".

When in reality, the only thing that would happen if he was confronted in person by any one of the many people that he has threatened, would be that he would "soil him self". Then he would have to go running to his cat crying and begging to make it all better, at which time the cat would run off leaving this 35year old, that still lives with his mom to go running to her crying his little heart out.

This clan leader (spook, actor4nyc) is such a lame ass that he believed that because he was actually able to speak to a woman, with out wetting him self, that he was gonna marry her. Only to have his heart broken by her never wanting to see him again.

Considering that a clan is portrayed by the clan leader, this should say something about the entire clan. To be clangun is to be lonely, sad and pathetic. A lonely loser who is in his/her late 30's early 40's and still living at home. One who has no control over anything in their life.
Look at that guy, he is so clangun he needs help!
by Easytarget August 05, 2009
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