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A person who posts on UrbanDictionary.com that makes fun of cities like St. Louis and subscribe to pornographic websites like www.tube8.com. He should not ever be taken seriously for he has zero knowledge of any St. Louis culture and should be shipped to Canada.
1. "Hey, I'm Steve720!"

"Well, that's just great. Fuck off you stupid cunt."

2. "Wait, you're Steve720? I heard you let men that wear pink polos fuck you in the ass."
by ETDizzle April 10, 2009
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An acronym for "Completely Useless By September." The team itself is known for having fans that every year argue with everyone, especially Cardinals fans, that they will in fact win the World Series. Cubs fans are completely sure that their Cubs will win the World Series, and if not, it is due to a curse. Cubs fans have the distinct talent of closely re-enacting the tendencies of the now extinct dodo bird. They fail to note that curses are not excuses and it is just a fact that Chicago has been very, very bad for a long, long time. Cubs fans are the perfect example of idiots that have overpopulated one area.
"The greatest baseball team in the history of history. Some people currently know them as the 'Lovable Losers' however in November of 2009 this name will no longer be approiate. They are gonig to win the World Series this year and I don't care if you think that a different team will win. I respect your opinion but you are absolutley WRONG. Epic Fail. The Chicago Cubs will win 101 games during the regular season and will go on to win the World Series (btw 101 years ago they won their last world series, that is why it will be 101 wins)" said Bret!

"Oh, so the exclamation point by your name DOES mean you're gay. I'm glad I am not a Cubs fan and that I can actually spell!" Tommy thinks to himself.
by ETDizzle April 10, 2009
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