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A play on words of breast reduction surgery, a term used when you set the E.Q on your ipod (or any music player) to reduced bass. Considered pussyish as bass only supplies a light pulse with the music, most people would prefer bass boost, because the stock ipod headphones sound crap despite that most people have them intend of a proper pair, like Sennheiser or Bose, or anything else. Although bass reduction surgery is acceptable if the user has a very bassy pair of head phones, like skull crushers or beats.
Tom: Ah, shit, the base is hurting my ears, im gonna set the E.Q to bass reduction.

Me: I don't see why you need bass reduction surgery your only using your shitastic stock ipod headphones that came with your ipod, they don't have any bass anyway, pussy.
by EPICPWNERY September 03, 2010
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I used to think it was a fusion between teen and weenie, but haven't seen that around anywhere else. They tend to listen to Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers, also watch Disney all day long. Tend to begin to take on the unruly attitudes that Disney whores display to their mothers in the show. Generally 10-15.
Mum: Come on Sarah, if you do your homework I'll get you the new Jonas brothers album.

Sarah: Fuck you bitch im teleporting my hot underage ass out of here, wizards of Waverley place for the world muthafucka! viva la tweeness!
by EPICPWNERY September 01, 2010
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The iconic white headphones that come with most apple products, apple offer a premium in ear model for about £50 that don't sound too bad. But the stock ones absolutely suck, they have no bass whatsoever, sound as hollow as the brain of whoever designed them, are impossible to fit in most peoples ears and earwax shows up on them like cheese on macaroni. Yet, most people don't even bother to switch out for a decent pair and if they switch out they usually only get a shitty pair like iluv or something along those lines. anyone reading this who still uses them, do yourself a favour and pay for a decent pair.
Kirby: What are those things wrapped around your head?

me: Oh just a pair of senheisers.

Kirby: Sennheiser?

me: This company that makes badass headphones.

Kirby: How much did they cost?

me: Bout £50.

Kirby: Fuck that, the apple ones are fine.

Me: Fuck you, at least I know what music sounds like! Get a pair of the premium ones, i hear those aren't to bad, and they've got the iconic look to.

Kirby: Nah those are to much for headphones, the stock ipod headphones are fine.

Me: well at least i know what music sounds like.
by EPICPWNERY September 03, 2010
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