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1. The quality or state of being a nerd.

2. Of, or relating to, nerdiness.
Jess: You play D&D? Haha!

Mitch: Gimme a break, we all have our points of nerdom.
by E11iott September 11, 2008

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An adventure that takes place on roads/highways. Road trips, hitchhiking, and truck hopping are examples of roadventures.

The convenient coincidence that the last 2 letters of "road" are the first 2 letters of "adventure" gives this word a practical foothold in modern english vocabulary.
Jess: Babe, where are you going?
Nick: I'm off on a roadventure, babe.

Jess: Take care, babe!
Nick: Babe, you know I will babe.
by E11iott August 03, 2011

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