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a. Somebody who does something strenuous or tedious for a long period of time without complaining.

b. Somebody who overcomes a tough situation.
"Yeah, he was a trooper, man. He waited in line 4 hours to get tickets."


Person 1: He's been in the hospital fighting cancer for a year now.

Person 2: What a trooper.
by E-Killa December 10, 2005

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If there was some crazy, life-sim videogame that included every aspect of life like eating, talking, and even breathing through some crazy usb device; and included "character development;" using the word "thus" would automatically raise the "intelligence" or "wit" etc. of your character 5%.
I sounded like an idiot rambling, but watch as I demonstrate the "intelligenty" effect of "thus."

"You say you did not activate the "stand-by" mode of the laptop. But 90% of the people in this room saw you, in full view of the laptop, run towards it, trip, and fully close the device in question, THUS activating "stand-by" mode THUS ending all running programs THUS PREVENTING the owner of said laptop from receiving any "instant messages" after 4:45 p.m. Saturday."

Same thing witout "thus" used:

wut do u meen u didnt do it, i saw u n so did evrybuddy els
by E-Killa August 31, 2005

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