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Love. Interchangeable for either the verb or the noun. Either for a playful replacement of the word to tease actually saying it, or when too nervous to come right out and say the word love.

"I know love is a strong word, but I'm saying it anyway!"

Because love is a strong word, and sometimes it's just easier to say strong word instead.
I strong word you.

Haha I strong word dirty jokes, I really do!
by DruePhoenix January 19, 2010

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To absolutely waste your time on porn, get a computer virus from porn, or have your life otherwise disrupted by porn.
I had a great life, a beautiful girlfriend, a great job, lots of friends... 5 hours of porn a day ruined all of that... damn did I ever get pr0nd.
by DruePhoenix July 12, 2008

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