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A romantic orientation on the asexual spectrum which describes an individual who feels romantic attraction towards others, but who does not desire reciprocation of that attraction or does not wish to enter a romantic relationship. (Please note that romantic orientation is separate from sexual orientation.)

Some feel that this term is appropriation of an aspect of the lesbian community and prefer the term akoiromantic, which means the same thing.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" "Sorry, but I'm lithromantic. I really like you, but I don't want a relationship that way."

"I had such a crush on Julie, but when she tried to kiss me, I felt really uncomfortable. I think I might be lithromantic."
by Dream-Wings May 28, 2014
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Any cake made and decorated by a professional bakery that is unintentionally sad, funny, ugly, creepy, and/or dirty, but generally in an amusing way.

The error could be ugly decorating, misspelled or incorrect words, errors in grammar, etc.The only real guideline for a Cake Wreck is that it was made in a professional bakery, and is messed up in some way.
1: I told them I wanted my cake to say "happy birthday Chris!" in orange, but they wrote the phrase
"happy birthday Chris in orange!" right on my cake! It's a cake wreck.

2: I saw this cake at a bakery that was supposed to have Santa on it, but it looked more like a pile of bird poo with a cherry on it! What a Cake Wreck.

3: I saw the funniest Cake Wreck on cakewrecks.com! It was soooooo hideous.
by Dream-Wings December 5, 2009
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