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A romantic orientation on the asexual spectrum which describes an individual who feels romantic attraction towards others, but who does not desire reciprocation of that attraction or does not wish to enter a romantic relationship. (Please note that romantic orientation is separate from sexual orientation.)

Some feel that this term is appropriation of an aspect of the lesbian community and prefer the term akoiromantic, which means the same thing.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" "Sorry, but I'm lithromantic. I really like you, but I don't want a relationship that way."

"I had such a crush on Julie, but when she tried to kiss me, I felt really uncomfortable. I think I might be lithromantic."
by Dream-Wings May 27, 2014
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A romantic, or possibly only cuddle-buddy, but non-sexual person. In pre-PC jargon: frigid.

akoiromantic and cuddle buddy can mean the same thing.
After a few years, she told me she is no longer into me sexually and sees me just as a cuddly uncle or some other family member, "Let's just be lithromantic," she said.
by CrotchGourmet March 29, 2016
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