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Verb- 1. To masturbate; 2. to screw around in serious or inappropriate situations
"Dude I love to jack off to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit website!"
"Why can't you giggle your gaggle to porn like everyone else?"

John: "We have to get this project done, it's due tomorrow."
Jack: "I'll have your mom done by tomorrow!"
John: "What the fuck man! Stop giggling your gaggle and get to work!"

Steve: "Dude, last night I played hardcore team deathmatch on mw2 and just giggled my gaggle and shot my own teammates!"
Jason: "I love doing that!"
Alex "You're both such assholes."
by DrMcNinja February 23, 2010

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1. to watch porn, to masturbate (usually simultaneously)
2. to give head to a guy
Originates in high school sex-ed classes where studying is laughable and sounds slightly dirty.
1. John: "I was watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape last night, and it's pretty hot.
Jim: "Dude you study for the penis test with that like every night"

2. Jane: "OMG I had the most AMAZING time with Jake last night! We saw Old Dogs and it was SO funny!"
Janet: "Please that movie sucked you studied for the penis test didn't you?"
Jane "OK maybe just little..."
by DrMcNinja March 09, 2010

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