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Is an amazing, caring , talented , fun, creative human being. Loves the artistic world and want’s to rule it! She is such a heart, yeah she can break some hearts but because she know her worth. Enjoying every second of life makes her more powerful. Being really sassy it’s part of it.
I am like a Keeneishly, I can be shy but full of energy
by Dr.K November 21, 2021
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A sexually transmitted disease contracted by those whose sexual arousal has taken over their nerve cells, therefore forgetting to use a condom. And since nowadays according to close-minded non-intellectuals, (which make up about 63% of the population) being a virgin makes you a "loser", we have people with Herpes lying around all over the place. Just remember everyone: No glove, no love.
Person 1: I have genital herpes!
Person 2: ... Congratulations.
by Dr.K December 10, 2005
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