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Hella gansta moccasins that nike came out with in the 90's. They're named potato shoes because of the lumpy shape of the leather. They are by far the most comfortable shoe on the planet earth. They just came out again recently on nikesportswear.com so go check them out and buy a sack (of potatoes).
Potato shoes
"Potato shoes are da treds bre"

Gangsta from the neighborhood:
"Straight up!"

by Dr.ed October 15, 2010
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A heaping pile of clothes on a bed, chair, or most likely on the floor. The clothes may be a mix of folded and unfolded or completely unfolded and potentially inside-out. Stacks of folded clothes do not constitute a thread nest.
Mom: Check that thread nest for the keys again, would you?

Me: Yeah sure, but I didn't even touch those clothes today.
Dad: Hey I found the keys in my pocket.
by Dr.ed April 12, 2016
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A painful zit, or pimple that is located on your butt crack, sometimes premature and very difficult to get rid of.
I couldn't sit down comfortably or get any sleep last night because of my Zass. I wish they made neutrogena Zass cream.
by Dr.Ed August 17, 2012
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