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To beat the hell outta someone; to hit, slap, kick; to mess someone up
Hey, you little cunt, give me you lunch money or I'll brush you.

If you dey sit next 2 a gurl who say ur breath dey stink, waitin you gon do??You go brush- am
by Dr.Dru August 04, 2007

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1. a word used to describe the face of an ugly person
2. a small animal--of various shapes and sizes--that is formed in the rectum and born in a toilet bowl
3. good stuff
4. soul food
1. "hey man lemme have a sniff...*whiff* ahh...that the shit dog!"

2.person1:hey you see that guy
person2:which guy, G?
person1:that one!!
person2:WHICH guy motha fucka
person1:The one whose face looks like shit
person2:Ohhhh. Yeah. Yeah I see him, what about him dog?
person1:lets go jump his ass
person2: lets go jump his face
person1: hahahahaha. Aight.

3.person1: hey man move out ma way
person2: I aint in yo way sun
person1: lemme say it again, move out ma way
person2: Hey yo wha the fuck wit da attitude bitch, what? WHAT?*gettinin face* WHAT THE FUCK YOU GON' DO MAN???
person1: *click of magnum*
person2:YOA!!holy SHIT Dog! I-I-I was just playin... you listenin?? I was just...Shit!!!!....*BOOM*

4. kid: Hey mommy can we eat out tonight?
mother:go and ask your father
kid: daddy can we eat out tonight?
dad: go and ask you mother
kid: mom, can we eat out tonight?
mom: Look, kid, i said ask your damn father.
kid: dad, can we eat out tonight?
dad: I already told you son!!! Go and ask that slutty bitch in the kitchen.
kid: mom, dad said i should go and ask you, bitch.
mom: what did you say you little SHIT!?!?!
kid: i said can we eat out tonight?
mom: *pulls out meat cleaver*
kid: shit mommy, SHIT.
mom: wha the fuck you say now, bitch
kid: SHIT!!!!! put that away mommy, your scaring me
dad: is she exposing herself again?? GOD DAMMIT!!! *enters kitchen*
SHIT. SHITTIDY SHITS SHAT SHIT ON ME!!! What have you done woman???
by Dr.dru January 03, 2008

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1. to go crazy; losing ur marbles
2. to kick, hit, or pass a ball in between someones legs (generally in soccer)
1. Chay! See this stupid boy! U wan stash baby for boot oh? U don kolo, the popsie will brush your life.

2. My guy gave him like 5 kolos. His confidence don go sha!
by Dr.Dru August 10, 2008

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