3 definitions by Dr. Octopus

While in spoon position with your partner, you put your pinky in the Booty hole, ring and middle fingers in the vagina, and use your pointer finger to stimulate the clitoris.
Whether my wife is being naughty or nice, I always end the night with a knuckle buster.
by Dr. Octopus September 24, 2020
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a person who strives to appear politically active while actually understanding little and contributing nothing to the cause.
Bob liked to drive his SUV to the anti-war rallies becaause he loved the chanting.
by Dr. Octopus December 18, 2002
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An individual who seeks food in any situation where no exchange of capital is needed, e.g., dumpster diving or crashing a wedding buffet
As an opportunivore, Lance preferred sponging off of friends rather than braving the cold, wet dumpsters.
by Dr. Octopus December 18, 2002
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