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A smartphone, or any small, multifunction, touchscreen communications device which effectively allows the user to stop thinking.

Named for the Handbrain devices in Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary.
Ever since Kaff got that new Handbrain, he's barely been talking with us at all.
by Dr. Jingo June 10, 2012

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An Australian Aboriginal man wearing nothing but a pith helmet who dances on your table and sings "Land Down Under" if you order a "Chocolate Thunder From Down Under" at an Outback Steakhouse.

If you order a "Chocolate Thunder Down Under Deluxe", you are taken into a small, unfurnished back room of the steak house, where the man will leave you to fester in fear for a few minutes, then pop out at a random time and sing "Land Down Under" while wearing nothing but a pith helmet.
After the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under, all is dark. We are all damned. Let's commit Crimes Against Humanity!
by Dr. Jingo December 16, 2011

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