have you ever looked at a whale's eye in a book? it looks just like a girl's pussy
by the prophet March 25, 2003
The ass hole, but picture it as being wide open and as black as a whale's eye.
1) Dood, you stink. Maybe you need to go wash up that whale eye!
2) I've been working so hard, even my whale eye is sweating.
3) Check that stripper's whale eye, it just winked at me!
by Dr. Combs March 22, 2004
The same as "side eye"

To look at someone out of the corner of your eye usually because they said some dumb shit.
When she told me she was a virgin, I pursed my lips and gave her the whale eye
by ricardoduck July 29, 2009
Polite term for a rusty sheriff's badge.
See Mohagony Knot
Look mate, her whale eye has exhaust burn!
by Samhain_Knight August 6, 2004
The look one partner gives the other while performing fellatio or cunnilingus; looking out of the side or corner of wide eyes to assess the level of enjoyment.
Last time I hooked up with that chick I gave her a facial, this time she kept giving me the whale eye.
by El Dubio May 19, 2010
Whilst recieving felatio, the blow-job-er rotates their head in a clockwise position until their head is paralell with the ground to look up at the blow-job-ee with one eye. This resembles a whale looking out of the water when they surface, hence the Whale Eye.
The Whale Eye's definition pretty much describes it without further need.
by kingring13 March 25, 2007
When two people are having sex doggy style, and the man's penis accidentally (or purposefully) slips out and (surprise!) forcefully thrusts into the woman's anus. While still on all fours, she painstakingly turns her head to the side, glaring at him in shock and disbelief with a moan of pain.
"Dude, you shoulda seen the look she gave me when I popped her a surprise and stuck my dick in her ass hole when I was doing her doggy style. Talk about the whale eye!"
by EBar December 11, 2009