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Used in areas where the Chinese dialect of Hokkien is spoken, and also in Taiwan as part of their Min Nan dialect.
The two-word Chinese phrase literally means 'vagina', and is commonly regarded as both derogatory and vulgar. It can be used as part of an English sentence in parts of Malaysia and Singapore.
"Chee Bye! I missed the freaking bus again!" (Here it is used mainly as a swear word to express frustration.)

"That chee bye took my cigarettes without asking." (Here it is used as a noun to describe a person whom you are trying to degrade. Similar to calling that person an 'asshole' or 'jerk'. )

"Hey chee bye! Long time no see!" (Similar to above, but used between friends in a casual manner. Much like "Hey dickhead! Where have you been?")

"Kan Nina Bu Chow Chee Bye! You want to pick a fight?" (Here it is used as part of a popular vulgarity which literally translates to 'screw your mother's stinking vagina'. This is a traditional vulgarity. Be careful as its usage is very provocative, and usually some heated argument will follow.)
by Dr Chee Bye April 30, 2010
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In the Chinese dialect of Hokkien, this two-word phrase means 'deserve to be screwed'. When someone has done something so wrong that the unfavorable consequences seems justified. A vulgar equivalent of the English phrase 'asking for it', used in parts of Malaysia and Singapore.
"I told you to stop drinking from that stupid bottle and behaving like a total jerk in public. Now the cops are here. Hong kan liao." ('liao' has' no meaning but used to place emphasis. 'Hong Kan Liao can be replaced with 'Now we're really screwed' in this case.)

"Why do you have to keep showing off what you took from the supermarket? Hong kan ah?" (The word 'ah' is added at the end to for a question. In this case, 'Hong Kan Ah?' can be replaced with 'Asking for trouble?')
by Dr Chee Bye April 30, 2010
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Tiu is a Chinese word in the Cantonese dialect that literally means 'penis'. However, its most common use is not as a noun but as a verb. To 'tiu' someone thus means 'to use the penis on someone', or to 'fuck someone'.

Due to this usage, the word 'tiu', when taken as a noun, has morphed to mean 'fuck that' and used in a somewhat similar way to its English counterpart.
"She wants me to pay for her manicure? Tiu!"

"Tiu nay low moe! I've been waiting at the club entrance for more than 50 minutes!" ('Tiu Nay Low Moe' means 'screw your mom'. Here 'tiu' is a verb.)
by Dr Chee Bye April 30, 2010
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