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A punk ass wannabe gangsta who can't rap worth a shit. That bitch ass nigga think he all that cuz he got Ciara. You ain't shit, ya li'l faggot ass momma's boy! Ciara probably a nigga anyway, so the joke's on you, ya li'l asshole.
You make me sick, You bitch. I wanna spit in yo face.
by Dough April 12, 2005
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A patch of hair grown directly under the lower lip. A soul patch.
Did you see the frode on that guy? That was disgusting.
by dougH November 03, 2004
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A stupid, cock-sucking, child molesting slut who is tying her absolute hardest to be like Beyonce. She does some of the crappiest "dancing" I've ever seen. All my folks tell me her album, "Goodies" is garbage. Even though I've never heard it, I agree with them. I wish Ciara & LIL' Bow Wow the worst in the future and I hope they break up quicker than J-Lo & Affleck
No example needed to describe her.
by Dough April 12, 2005
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A disease that can only be cured by having sex. Something you SHOULD be ashamed of. Once you've lost it, there's no reason to ever want it back.
Jarvis: I used to hate myself... But now I can proudly say I finally got rid of that disease called Virginity. (Jumps and clicks his heels.)
by Dough September 16, 2007
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