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As many people know, a Qiush is a vagina fart. However, Qiushi is an extended word of Qiush and is actually an extremely common chinese name. Qiushi if defined could be interpreted as the man who is a vagina fart. However, Qiushi actually means hak yun in fukinese dialect which means transexuality. Either way the name can be interpreted as the transexual or vagina fart man.
Look at that Qiushi. HE STINKS!
by Donkeysmash January 13, 2011

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Most know the word walker, from famous heroes such as Luke Skywalker. However, walker is actually been translated into a synonym of the word Fickling which is generally a lanky fucker. These words come hand in hand and generally used to describe homoerotic lanky men with extremely short penises.
I see a Fickling yesterday, and a Walker today. What is with all the lanky people?
by DonkeySmash December 13, 2010

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Pel is an ancient Greek word referring to a man whom has mangina, otherwise in more common terms a man with a vagina. People with these names are often excluded from social groups.
OMG!! that guys a pel, hes got a mangina
by DonkeySmash November 18, 2010

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A kid with an extremely small penis, as in pertaining to a guy who likes the men
That man is such a pel, he's with another guy.
by DonkeySmash August 11, 2010

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Extremely catchy and famous phrase from the movie slumdog millionaire. However, the two words should not be used lightly. They have often been found together in devil chanting and some believe that people who wear this name are the devil incarnate. Plaguing the world with disease and bringing horror to those who disobey. In the movie slumdog millionaire, Jai ho represents someone with no wheels.
OMG! His name is Jai Ho and look at what he is doing, he must be a work of satin himself.
by donkeysmash December 18, 2010

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