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The mistaken belief that scientists have "proven" that the current warming trend of the global average temperature has anything to do with human activity.

A strange, almost religious-like zealotry has permeated believers of this propaganda, to the level where scientists who dare to conjecture that maybe we can't yet prove that man is causing global warming are fired, forced to step down, denounced as "oil company shills" etc.

Believers also are known for being high outputters of eco-shame. They will slash the tires of your SUV while drinking the sweat off a poor man's back.
Fauxble Warming:

Bob: You know, I read somewhere that polar bears can swim quite well, a trait they evolved thousands of years ago when it was much warmer than today.

Joe: Whatever man, I'm signing this petition to stop Africa from using coal so they don't ruin the world man.
by DonkeyKong Kroger FX May 03, 2007
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A word consisting of two or more words mashed together to form an annoying and unnecessary addition to the lexicon. The worst offenders in this trend are ad agencies and urbandictionary.com users.
by DonkeyKong Kroger FX October 11, 2007
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A flavor of the month word that entirely too many people are suddenly using.

It means something like a custom or belief attributed to a group or class of people, especially one outmoded. (Thanks Oxford)

I propose that it should mean someone who uses trendy 'new' words to fit in with the current blog crowd using the same damn word, relentlessly.
"God damn, did you see that Shibboleth? He started saying every new blog buzzword of the day like it was going out of style. What a Shibboleth."

by DonkeyKong Kroger FX February 12, 2009
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When you sit on your hand until it falls asleep, then you turn on Netflix and get into an upside down position and jerk off into your own mouth.
Guy: you've done the stranger.. but have you ever done the stranger thing??


Guy: Netflix and chili corn dogs coated in the Duffer brothers emissions
by DonkeyKong Kroger FX January 05, 2018
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