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One who spends so much time browsing youtube videos that they have metaphorically taken root, in the manner of a potato or other root vegetable. A couch potato of the new millenium.
"Oh man, I haven't showered in three days. I've just been sitting at my desk with a bag of cheetos watching Youtube videos!"

"Dude, you'd better watch out you're about to become a youtuber."
by DonBito February 05, 2009

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The neo-liberal status quo maintained on DailyKos by ridiculing those whose ideas differ from the majority.
I tried to write an insightful diary about how the queer rights movement has been hijacked by gay marriage activists, but people kept telling me I was a "concern troll." I guess what I have to say just doesn't fit into the Status Kos.
by DonBito March 07, 2009

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