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Philosophy of cooking based on teachings and instructions of Julia Child. Central tenet: wine and butter are good for you.
I follow a diet consistent with childism. You'll never know it, but chablis and land 'o lakes make the perfect combonation
by doctor zaius May 02, 2003
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A socioeconomically deprived individual, usually also dumb as a bag of dildos. If this person were in India, 'untouchables' would look down on them.

Likely to have large gauges dangling from their ears, neck/face tattoos and an EBT card. Likely cannot spell, even with auto-correct on their Blackberry.

Someone who's poortarded. A poor 'tard. A natural cousin to the retard.....only poorer.
"Did you see that new tat that Lionel got on his hands?"

"Sure did. What a poortard. He won't even be able to get a job at Jiffy Lube with 'Mazel Tov' tatted across his fingers."
by Doctor Zaius January 18, 2013
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Short for Quebec City, in Canada (guess which province? Quebec!). Also used to refer to events of massive anti-FTAA demonstrations that occurred there in April 2001.
When we got gassed in the QC i couldn't feel my face
by doctor zaius May 01, 2003
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