14 definitions by Dizzy

Owner of Orlocks Domain. Bringer of cool crazy ass ghost storys. Dude who stops Jonalex from murdering everyone.
by Dizzy October 07, 2003
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Bull shit in short, to prevent filters or admins, or just for ppl that are lazy
thats freakin bs

bs I tell u...
by Dizzy May 02, 2003
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Man... how can you say 2pac is whack? He's the best rapper of all time and there will never be anyone else to ever approach him on the mic. He might be dead but he will never be forgotten , unlike all your other over-rated Mc's like eminem , 50 cent and ja rule.
RIP 2Pac.

Watch the "Tupac:Ressurection" movie if you wanna know more about Pac.
by Dizzy March 10, 2005
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Astronomical Self-Serving Right of Arrogant Ridicule, or A.S.S.R.O.A.R for short.
This guy is violating my assroar.
by Dizzy December 30, 2004
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From the Babalu song made famous by Desi Arnaz
Definition: delicious, tasty
This pizza tastes babalicious
by Dizzy January 03, 2005
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Based on the song Babalu from Desi Arnaz
Defintion: wonderful,fine, pleasant
by Dizzy January 03, 2005
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