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The act in which you have sexual intercourse in all three of your womens orfices. Making it in every hole like Tiger Woods does.
Person 1: Yo, i busted a tiger woods on that girl.
Person 2: Tiger Woods? whats that?
Person 1: I put it in every hole!!
by Discard February 22, 2008
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When you and your friends are in a smoking circle with the same amount of blunts or joints(idealy with different types of weed) equal to the amount of people there. After each hit they pass to the left, hence mary (weed) goes around in a full circle and nobody gets left out.
Person 1:okay we got 5 people here, 2 blunts of orange kush, 2 blunts of white ryno and 1 joint of bobby brown. Lets ride the mary go round and dont forget its puff puff pass bitches.
by Discard August 07, 2008
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a girl or guy that isnt worth the effort to put her/his number in the sim card on your phone
Person 1:Yo check out yolanda, shes looking good
Person 2:yeah but she only uses guys to buy her things, beleive me she isnt simcard worthy
by Discard August 07, 2008
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When there is no more weed in your possesion, and the only thing close to it is the left over roaches in the ash tray. So you proceed to break those up,take all weed out, and smoke that.
Person 1:man we are outta weed.
Person 2:yeah but we have those leftovers from the party yesturday.
Person 1: then lets exterminate the roaches.
by Discard August 07, 2008
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A pot head who saves all the roaches from the blunts either he or his friends smoke so we can exterminate the roaches later.
Person 1:Man we are all out of weed
Person 2:dont worry i saved the roaches from the party this weekend.
Person 1:Nice job orkin man, now lets exterminate those roaches
by Discard August 07, 2008
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