10 definitions by Dilbert

An overseas callcentre worker
I called my bank today, the guy I spoke to there was such a stupid pazzan, not like us yanks at all
by Dilbert February 1, 2004
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what would dogbert do?
by Dilbert September 30, 2003
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A person who loudly takes credit for the work and ideas of an introvert. Often found in management roles.

Not to be confused with leader.
Extrovert: “Hey team, why don’t we just pivot our strategy and leverage our synergies?”
Everyone: “Great idea!! We’re so lucky to have such a brilliant visionary leader!”
Introvert (silently): Yeah, I proposed that in my email two weeks ago...with a detailed analysis of pros and cons...
by Dilbert June 2, 2018
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somebody who has a fetish for ear shagging. lol
Your a fucking poric
by Dilbert March 7, 2005
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Bück dich, befehl ich dir. I'm going to stick this dildo in your rear.
by Dilbert December 1, 2003
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1) adj. The absence of value.
That guy just staring at the computer screen in there is worthless.
by Dilbert May 1, 2003
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A man or women who has the ability to con employees to continue to work for them under apauling conditions to continue developing the same business under different names for them so that they can con customers into purchasing a product or service that never delivers what it intended too whilst inventing new ways of creating takeovers so that they can justify not paying commissions to their agents or sales people.
Majority of Internet Driven Businesses offering a product or service that sounds too good to be true.
by Dilbert October 22, 2004
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