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v. To shoot yourself in the foot i.e. doing something stupid that will cause your demise.

1) After getting away with murder, O.J. sure did manage to plaxico himself.

2) Police officer: "Excuse me sir, is there a reason you ran that red light?"

Joe: "I was too drunk to notice the light had changed"

Police Officer: "It sounds like you just plaxicoed yourself"
by DickArmy December 08, 2008

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Used as an adjective:

When someone (particularly a picture of someone on the Internet) has a hotness level inversely proportional to the skill level in photoshop it would take to make an average person reach that level of hotness.

This is best used for profiles on dating sites where the person has had 'professional' photos made for their profile.
You see someone really hot on a dating site, and your friend tells you they are about a 8 in terms of being Internet Hot, which means it would only take someone using Photoshop a skill level of 2 to make them that attractive.
by DickArmy October 22, 2009

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-noun. pronounced blek- chur

A long-winded lecture by anyone whose name starts with a B. This lecture will usually start off with the intent of answering a 'simple' question, or explanation. The person on the receiving end is usually a captive listener either talking to their boss, parent, or other authority figure.

Ironically, as long-winded as this definition is it also can be classified as a blecture if the person publishing it had a name starting with the letter B.
Mark: Hey Tom, where have you been?

Tom: My boss just spent the last three hours explaining what our company's plan is for the new fiscal year when I just asked about our next meeting.

Mark: Sounds like you've experienced your first blecture
by Dickarmy May 30, 2010

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