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1. The Greek Goddess of adventure known to scale the womens vagina during the holiday of Homaphro. Daughter spawned of Zeuses semen that hit the ground while having sex with Athena but she didnt want to get pregnant so she made him pull the plug.

2.The goddess of miscarriages. Pick axes aren't the best tool.
GIRL TO BOYFRIEND: Yo, hermaphroditicus visited me last night and i am no longer pregnant!
by Devin and Dan February 09, 2008

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The day on which Hermaphroditicus is let loose upon the world causing many miscarriages. This goddess is known to be one of the better gods though due to her ability to abort pregnancies with demon children such as Hillary Clinton and 50 Cent.
Girl to boyfriend: Yo I better give birth before Homaphro so I don't lose another one!
by Devin and Dan February 10, 2008

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