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1. The Greek Goddess of adventure known to scale the womens vagina during the holiday of Homaphro. Daughter spawned of Zeuses semen that hit the ground while having sex with Athena but she didnt want to get pregnant so she made him pull the plug.

2.The goddess of miscarriages. Pick axes aren't the best tool.
GIRL TO BOYFRIEND: Yo, hermaphroditicus visited me last night and i am no longer pregnant!
by Devin and Dan February 09, 2008
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I am the real Hermaphroditicus. I am a close childhood friend of Hermaphroditus, who was the child of the god Hermes and goddess Aphrodite. I fell into the lake of Salmacis, becoming who I am today.

I am not a goddess. There is no "holiday" where I scale anyone's minge mountain. That does sound kind of comical, though. I would not do it. I might if it looked like a theme park ride, but if you tricked me into your bedroom by telling me it was really a themepark ride, I would be very very upset. So don't. I have been through that already with the "it's just a lake" bit with Salmacis.

I have nothing to do with anyone's pregnant girlfriend "praying" to me to visit her and undo her situation. I have never visited anyone in regard to such a thing. You are confusing me with Dykodite (pronounced DYKE-oh-DIE-tee). She is the female child of Aphrodite that ran away, you don't really hear about her often. We had enough of her lesbitude. We suspect she is the one visiting girls if there really is someone doing this as the previous commenter indicated. Thank you have a good day.
Sayeth Hermaphroditicus, "that she-dog Dykodite would try to frame me like this."
by hermaphroditicus May 13, 2009
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